365 Days of Awesomeness ~ 2013 - k3schultz
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Day 320

Day 320: Curtains!
Our new place has a beautiful bay window but had very ugly blinds. I wanted to keep the privacy that the blinds provided but wanted something prettier. So we went curtain shopping and I fell in love with the tree sheers. However, they were the wrong size and a little pricey and didn't get them. I couldn't get them out of my head, though, so I went back and bought them. I cut the sheer in half and hemmed it and hung them on the smaller windows. I really liked the effect and when I went outside to see who it looked, I fell in love with them. From the inside they offer just a hint of the trees but from the outside, you can really see the trees. I'm going to get another panel for the middle window so the tree effect is complete. I love it.